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Au revoir Samir, bon voyage et bonne chance.

I held off on writing about the departure of Samir Nasri from Manchester City because I have, probably like most of you, mixed feelings about his … Read More

Monday night football: Everton visit the Etihad.

Over the past couple of days I have covered with the build up to Manchester City's first Premier League game, for the season, at the Etihad. Saturday … Read More

Joey and Ronnie: Johan’s prodigal sons clash at the Etihad

Early years: On the 21st of March 1963 in Zaandam, not far from Amsterdam, Ronald Koeman was born. Two days later Manchester City would visit his … Read More

Etihad Opener As City Entertain Sticky Toffees

After a hard fought opening day victory away to a newly promoted Brighton, City now turn their attention to a more familiar adversary. Ronald Koeman … Read More

Pep’s Knock, Knock, Knocking On Evans Door.

In recent days news has gathered pace regarding Pep Guardiola and his targeted player for the center back position. It's fair to say opinions were … Read More

First Premier League Monday Night: CITY v QPR.

Manchester City are scheduled to return back to the UK later on today. With the Spanish trip wrapping up the focus turns to the game on Monday night. … Read More