With the Premier League season getting ready to restart, Tottenham Hotspurs Danny Rose interview has thrown his club a curve ball, and Manchester City would be foolish not to consider putting in a bid. Across the City, at United, Mourinho made clear to Gareth Bale that the reason he couldn’t move for the Welshman was because ‘he didn’t talk.’ There would be no such barriers if he wanted Rose.

From Spurs fan there has been criticism for the way their first choice left back has gone about this but I don’t see, other than a couple of issues within the interview, where he has done anything too wrong.

The guy has been injured for a long period of time and that seems to have given him a lot of time to contemplate his future. A professional footballers career is quite short and Rose may very well be correct in assuming he realistically only has one big contract left in his career. That is something he clearly doesn’t think he would get with the current pay structure at Tottenham.

“Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal.” History would say that, although they have been close to the Premier League over the last few seasons, Spurs last won the league in 1991, fifteen days before his first birthday.

Rose saw his former team mate line up against Spurs for Manchester City in the USA tour. The City side were head and shoulders above Tottenham, and he questioned the two sides trajectories. It’s not the first time though, and the revelations from this interview brings new insight to another.

An interview, at the end of May, with BBC’s Radio 5 live he was asked about rumors of City’s interest in Kyle Walker. His response “It depends where the individual is at the stage of his career. He might feel he has done enough at Tottenham and might fancy a change or might choose to move on.”

At 27, Rose has been at Tottenham since 2007, moving when he was 16. Kyle Walker is the same age although he didn’t join Spurs until 2009. I think both have served the side and done enough for the North London side. Clearly Walker has moved on and I would love for Rose to join him at City.

During the summer Pep let two left backs and right backs go, bringing in a right back and left back in Walker and Mendy. Danilo has also been brought in, and can cover both left and right. However, watching him in pre-season on the left it looks as if he favours the right. If City really want to fight in the EPL and Champions League I think Danny Rose would be a fantastic option.

I think, with our options upfront, Jesus, Aguero, Silva (x2), Sane, Sterling and DeBruyne I am not sure Alexis Sanchez is needed as much as quality options at the back.

As I said earlier Danilo can cover both sides, and do a job. But Danny is naturally a left back, he knows Walker and was in the team of the year last season. He is a top left back, eventually wants to move back north and is English.