At the age of 30, the 5’ 8” Argentina native Sergio Aguero has without a doubt been one of the best strikers in football, and is without questions one of the best players for Manchester City. Sergio has spent all 8 years of his Premier League career playing for Manchester City, dating back to his 2011-2012 campaign. He seems to get better every year, and remains extremely loyal to the only club he’s known in the Premier league.

Sergio Aguero began his professional career as a top prospect and performed beyond expectations in his first year in the league. During his first season with Manchester City, Aguero scored a very impressive 23 goals with only 34 apps and 3 subs that season. He put up similar stats throughout his years following that, and that was exactly what Manchester City needed on their team in order to remain a contender: someone who delivers consistent quality performances, which is what Sergio brings to the table for them.

Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

Skipping ahead to this season, not only is Aguero the league leader in goals scored, but he also just became the third player in the history of the Premier league to score 150 goals for one club. The only other two players that have accomplished that feat are Thierry Henry for Arsenal and Wayne Rooney for Manchester United. So, Sergio Aguero is up there in the record books with some elite company, and it’ll be great seeing what else he can do in his football career. He’s already done so much for the organization, and at the age of 30, he still has many more years in him. He’s made it clear that he wants to stay with Manchester City throughout his career, and there is no reason why that statement shouldn’t become reality.