Fans around the world were overwhelmed by this year’s FIFA World Cup and are still trying to analyze the uniqueness and unexpectedness of the football tournament. However, very soon the league matches are scheduled to begin and football lovers can once again gear up for the exciting clashes.

Talks about the coming season have already started to pour in and reportedly the star footballer and winner of the Golden Boot, Harry Kane has said that Manchester City is among their strongest competitors and his team his looking forward for their match against City. His statement would surely have an implication on all the gamblers involved in Premier League betting and it would be right of them start scrutinizing their options bit more cautiously.

YouTube: Harry Kane All 6 Goals World Cup 2018

What does Kane have to Say?

Harry Kane, the Tottenham star who scored 30 goals last season, has increased the anticipation for the coming Premier League matches even further, by saying that defeating Manchester City would not be an easy task and said that their team was “amazing”.

He is optimistic about facing City and says that Spurs have been in the top ranks consistently, and has a squad that has only improved its game year by year. Agreeing that City had performed exceptionally in the last Premier League campaign, he was more concerned about the unexpectedness of the league. He said that in a league that has top-notch performances by almost all teams, surprises are not rare.

The last time Tottenham lifted the Premier League trophy was way back in 1961, and perhaps they can recreate that wonder in this season?

Are Manchester City Strong Enough?

It cannot be doubted that City have a strong team, however, many first team players are not in their top form owing to their World Cup appearances. As of now, the likely forward options of Pep Guardiola seems to include Leroy Sane, Sergio Aguero and Riyad Mahrez, and the trio would give a tough time for any opposing sides.

But Sane, for instance, is yet to regain his fitness. In the pre-season games, he could only qualify for the final match of the Dortmund game, though considering that his next match is only a few days away, he might get back track in the right time.

New Signings by Spurs

According to news, the Club shall refrain from signing any high-profile players especially before the transfer deadline, which is just two weeks away. This dispels the news of Thiago Alcantara, Miralem Pjanic and Mateo Kovacic being associated with the club in the coming times.

Moreover, the club’s manager Pep is also content with the current team and is only looking forward to the arrival of Claudio Gomes. Gomes is a French defensive midfielder who was signed by City very recently on Monday, when he turned 18. Some sources also project the incoming of Gomes as the reason behind the Club not bargaining for the outgoing Italian midfielder Jorginho, who was signed by Chelsea for £57million.