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Man City fans who ironically cheered Bravo are embarrassing

Looking at the post game analysis and hearing the chat amongst fans outside the ground and looking at social media, you'd be mistaken for thinking … Read More

Martin Demichelis in demand ahead of summer window

Martin Demichelis is attracting interest from league leaders Leicester City and Roberto Martinez's Everton, according to the Daily Mail. Both clubs … Read More

Four findings from the Capital One Cup final win

On Sunday afternoon at Wembley Manchester City claimed the first piece of silverware this season beating Liverpool 3-1 on penalties after an … Read More
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Opinion: Raheem Sterling is well on his way to becoming an elite player

After a character assassination from the media all summer due to the acrimonious departure from Liverpool, Raheem Sterling now finds himself feeling … Read More

Paul Pogba hints at City move

After Gladbach midfielder Granit Xhaka earlier in the week issued a come and get me plea to Manchester City earlier in the week, Paul Pogba seems to … Read More

Four Findings: Manchester City 1-2 Spurs

After a thumping loss against Leicester City last week the last thing Manchester City needed was a visit from an inform Spurs side who had already … Read More
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