With two years left on his contract at Manchester City, captain Vincent Kompany is already planning his career after retirement.

The Belgian has had a history of frequent injuries and he will be 33 when his contract at City expires and it is unknown as to whether he will continue playing football.

Even if he retires from the pitch in the next few years, Kompany does not want to leave the game forever and believes he can benefit the next generation of footballers by becoming a coach.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Kompany has made it clear that he will remain in football.

I don’t know where I will be in football when I finish, but it’s 100 per cent certain I will remain in football.

It’s my passion, I’ve played and lived this game since I was six years old so I don’t see a reason why I should throw all that experience away all of a sudden.

By having a successful career at both club and international level, Kompany believes his experience can benefit younger players after learning from some of the best in football.

I have got good contact with the younger people here and I just love bringing across my experience and how I see certain things.

I have learned from the best, from their mistakes as well as my own and hopefully I will be better because of that.

When it comes to whether he will sign a new contract, Kompany will not make a decision until the end of his current contract at City.

I’ve given myself the obligation to not think about anything regarding future contracts until my present contract is up, I’m really easy in my relationship with the club. It’s that good, there won’t be any panic on their side or my side.

Let’s get the most out of these two years with City and international level and let’s see where we are at – no stress.