August 15th 2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of the English Premier League. Manchester City have been there for most of that time and actually our history separates us into three neat segments.

The first, which I will look at today, are the seasons from the Premier League beginning up until our relegation in 1996.

The second segment deals with our return to the EPL in 2000 and our continued run, with the exception of one hiccup, until the demise of Thaksin Shinawatra as chairman.

Finally, our new owner takes over, and the third segment deals directly with that era, 2008 until the current date

Each day I will pick the best eleven from that particular time. Now this will mostly consist of the sheer number of appearances in that time and so, most likely, some names will certainly be left out.



Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow