Manchester City is moving at a leisurely pace to be crowned as Premier League champions under Pep Guardiola, being 16 points ahead of their nearest rivals Manchester United. At present they require 12 points, or 4 wins to seal the deal; however they could also become champions sooner if they win their next three games, as one of the games is against United.

According to some news sources, it is only a matter of time before they win the league, but the determination of the precise date has generated huge betting interest amongst punters. Things have become even more interesting with easily accessible betting avenues such as the new bet365 mobile app for android, allowing everyone to bet on when City will be crowned as champions.

When can they expect to be crowned the champions?

It is possible that Manchester City will get the coveted title on their home turf on April 7 against United. Their much awaited glory will follow if they are able to beat Stoke, Everton and United in the games that are lined up over the course of the next few weeks. These three wins would ensure that City has a lead of 19 points over their Manchester rivals, cementing its position as winners of the Premier League since it requires just 18 more points to secure the win.

However, if Liverpool are able to defeat United at Old Trafford and are further able to win all their other games against Watford, Everton, Palace and Bournemouth, then City would have to wait until April 14th in their match against Tottenham to be declared as winners.

YouTube: Aguerooooooo! Manchester City 3-2 QPR. Last Minute Premier League Title Winner.

It is also possible that City can win the title a little sooner than April 7, as early as March 31. With United and Liverpool set to face each other next Saturday, at least one of City’s closest challengers will drop points – or both if the match ends in a draw. The prospect of City sealing the win by the end of this month is rather bleak, since it would require Liverpool to beat United and pick up no more than two points in their fixtures against Palace and Watford. City would then become champions, if they secure a win against both Everton and Stoke.

The City could lift the title without even playing

There’s a possibility that City might emerge champions even without playing on April 1. For this to materialize, it would require the above results, along with Tottenham to win against Bournemouth, consequent to which the title would be sealed if Spurs fail to defeat Chelsea on that weekend. This is pretty much the same way in which Leicester won the title two years ago.

What about Manchester United?

If both teams keep up their incredible form, and United manage to secure a win against City at Etihad, then it is likely that the latter will have to wait until April 22 to seal the title in their match against Swansea, however they might have to wait another week if they lose to Tottenham on April 14.

Things are decisively in City’s favour, and if they continue to play as they have been during this season, then they should be able to clock in another Premier League win in April.