Manchester City have broken nearly every Premier League record on their way to winning the title this season.

They are the first side to reach 100 points in the Premier League and did so playing a style of football that hardly anyone could set up against.

Pep Guardiola recognised where City needed to improve and sorted it in time for an attack on the league this season, and it paid off.

There were many standout players for the club, Sergio Aguero’s 21 goals and Kevin De Bruyne’s 16 saw them receive the most plaudits, but even so many of the other players have received credit.

In all, they scored 106 goals, another record, while just shipping 27 themselves, making it look like a period of domination could be on the cards.

Their signings this season have played a key part in the success they’ve had, so we’ve decided to grade them A-F depending on how well they played this season.